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Are you the manager or owner of a venue that has live entertainment?

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What Is JukeBooks?
JukeBooks is an online Song Book where your fans can send you requests. You can edit or update your songlist anytime and even import a large list using a spreadsheet! It's incredibly easy to use.

Requesters can even attach a special note to their request - like a shout out, or birthday, etc. Adding interactivity is easy and fun for eveyone!

The requests show in real-time, on your phone, tablet or computer. Songs are only requestable once, until you clear them from your JUKEBOOK list, so you won't have to worry about duplicate requests.

You can make it easy for your fans to find your JukeBook online by using a QRcode. By scanning this code with their smartphones, your fans are sent directly to your request list!

Print out the code on table cards, post cards or leaflets. Use it in social media posts, it's so easy to access! We'll even prepare something for you if you're feeling a little anxious about desktop publishing!

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